We are trying to create a new Printing Service on our ArcGIS Server 10.3, following the instructions provided here:


This service then should be consumed by a web application. However, after publishing the service and consuming it using a plain GET call, we discovered, that this service does not contain any tasks:

    "currentVersion": 10.3,
    "serviceDescription": "The PrintingTools service [...] functionality.",
    "tasks": [],
    "executionType": "esriExecutionTypeSynchronous",
    "resultMapServerName": "",
    "maximumRecords": 1000000

The default print service does such a task:

"tasks": [
    "Export Web Map Task"

This begs the question: How do we consume the custom print service or where did I go wrong in following the instructions above?

  • There's a lot of places things could have gone wrong. If the service is created, but you see no tasks, such as the Export Web Map Task, you'll need to delete the service and re-publish it - hopefully figuring out what went wrong. First thing, is your version of ArcMap and Server the same? If not, that can cause this problem. – KHibma Sep 9 at 12:28

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