How we can check if feature has intersections or not with other features in one shapefile data?

I want to make sure if in that file there is no overlaps between polygon, I have read this approach "An Approach for Checking Overlaps and Gaps in Polygons using Geopandas" and I know that work, but is there any better solutions? With these way the process take time because the loop.

for index, row in data_temp.iterrows():
    if len(overlaps)>0:
        for j in overlaps:
            if temp_area.shape[0]>0:

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I have found a solution, although the speed of processing depends on the size of the file, I'm using maup python library with some modification on maup.close_gaps(geometries) and maup.resolve_overlaps(geometries) where geometry are GeoSeries data type from goepandas.

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