is there a simple way (without writing script or python skills) to auto calculate and auto populate length attribute in QGIS? When I add a new line feature in my layer, I'd like the attribute length to be calculated and populated as I complete the task of adding the line. Right now, I create all my geometry and then update existing field with $length in the Field Calculator.

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You want the length to be displayed along your line and auto-update as you draw or edit the line? In this case, simply label your line with the expression length($geometry) For the attribute table, use Creating a Virtual Field - when you create a new field with the field-calculator, select virtual field and set the expression you like - e.g. length($geometry) . However, I have to toggle edit-mode, close- and re-open the attribute-table to see the updated values. Simply press the refresh attribute-table does not work.

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