I am trying to programmatically edit the dimension variable in GeoServer for 200+ NetCDF's.

This is how I am trying it:

from geoserver.catalog import Catalog
cat = Catalog("http://localhost:8080/geoserver/rest/", username=conf_dict['GEOSERVER_USER'], password=conf_dict['GEOSERVER_PASS'])
from geoserver.support import DimensionInfo
coverage = cat.get_resource_by_url(conf_dict['GEOSERVER_HOST'] + "/rest/workspaces/daressalaam/coveragestores/201903030300_grid_FloodForecast_V2/coverages/201903030300_grid_FloodForecast_V2.xml")
timeInfo = DimensionInfo("time", "true", "LIST", None, "ISO8601", None)
coverage.metadata = ({'dirName':'201903030300_grid_FloodForecast_V2', 'time': timeInfo})

I've copied the above code from here and here

yet when I run the code, I get an attribute error message

AttributeError: 'DimensionInfo' object has no attribute 'unitSymbol'

What am I doing wrong? How can I programmatically edit the time variable for all my NetCDFs in GeoServer?

  • looks like gsconfig is out of date or you are using an old version – Ian Turton Sep 11 at 8:22
  • I just checked with pip, I have version: gsconfig-py3==1.0.7. That is the latest version. – J.A.Cado Sep 11 at 8:25
  • doesn't mean it has kept up with GeoServer – Ian Turton Sep 11 at 8:35
  • So what are you saying, that gsconfig and geoserver are out of sync? – J.A.Cado Sep 11 at 8:36
  • seems like it - you need to look at the XML being sent and what GeoServer expects (unitSymbol) – Ian Turton Sep 11 at 8:41

so eventually, I skipped using the python package gsconfig, and applied the an xml model as is shown in this link.

However, I made some alterations:

  • I used it for a NetCDF, not a shapefile.
  • PUT request instead of POST.
  • presentation value LIST instead of CONTINUOUS_INTERVAL, and
  • Default value of NONE instead of MAXIMUM


   url = """<coverage>
                    <entry key="time">

    r_change_name = requests.put("http://localhost:8080/geoserver/rest/workspaces/"+ workspace  + "/coveragestores/" + coveragestore +  "/coverages/" + coveragestore,
                                 headers={'content-type': 'text/xml'})

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