Say that I have an image of map (or just piece of the map), where between two points X and Y lead red line.

An example. The path between two cities, so some body can have nice cycle ride.

My question is. Is it possible to extract GPS coordinates along the RED line ? So the user throws the map to the system, and gets in return for example GPX file with coordinates, so he can put it in his garmin device.

Why this way ? Say I have software that automatically draws those red lines on maps. I want to be able automatically extract gps data from it.

I have no experience in GIS sorry.

What if the image is georeferenced ? What if not ?

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    Yes, it is. See, that's how it feels to be spooned only part of the information. Please expand your post so it contains information, whether the image is georeferenced or not, which CRS the coordinates should be in, how far apart the coordinates should be? – Erik Sep 11 at 8:24

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