I have ArcGIS Desktop on my computer, but I want to install QGIS 3.8 as well. The installation finishes successfully as it says, but I can't find many files after and the program is not working. I think, the problem is ArcGIS Desktop 10 which I have on the same comuter. I tried to install QGIS 3.2 too, with the same bad result.

My solution was that I had a clean QGIS install on another computer and copied those files to this installation folder, and the program is now working.

Is there any interference between these (ArcGIS Desktop & QGIS) programs?

Even with Python or something else?

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    But you get an error? Arcgis and Qgis can be on the same machine without problems – Fran Raga Sep 11 at 10:54
  • The installer says that it was sucessfully, but after the installation, I can't find the created QGIS folder on my desktop (4 files should be there), no shortcut file either, and when I want to start the program with qgis-bin.exe in the bin folder, it says that can't find a dll file. But the this dll file is in the right place. – Chris Sep 11 at 11:02
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    you can try to install OSGeo4W and run qgis using qgis.bat – Fran Raga Sep 11 at 11:08
  • "10" isn't an ArcGIS release, it's a family of releases dating back to 2010. I'd expect that a modern ArcGIS release would be compatible, but not something ancient. – Vince Sep 11 at 11:38
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    i have numerous versions of Qgis and ArcMap 10.6 on my Windows 7 computer and have not had any issues. – GreyHippo Sep 11 at 12:10