I have a map with points which contains attributes such as lat, long and other information. What I want to do is join points depending upon the lat, long with reference to its nearest point in the map so that the map looks like below. Joining each point with its nearest next point and make a line grid with these points.

enter image description here

Is there a solution to this?

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  • @BERA Well I have a map from which I want to calculate the shortest cost path. Each coordinate point is assigned with specific cost value keeping in mind the slope and other constraints now I want to be able to put those vertex in a POSTGIS Database and GeoServer. Since I do not have a source and target assigned to the vertex/points it must be able to reach from point A to B by finding the most cost effective path and trace it in the map. – Sachin Malego Sep 11 at 19:04
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