In GeoServer I have a layer created from a database table with the following structure:

tableX ( id,name,typeid,description,geom )

The geom field is always a polygon. I also have created 3 different styles in GeoServer, basically 3 kind of polygons with different colours.

What I'm trying to do is to serve one WMS layer with different styles, filtering them by typeid field. So, if:

  • typeid = 1 I use the first style (Green polygon)
  • typeid = 2 I use the second style (Blue polygon)
  • typeid = 3 I use the third style (Red polygon)

Is this possible in GeoServer?


Yes, you can create 3 separate styles with a filter that selects only the features you want styled. Or you can create one style with 3 rules each with a filter to select the required filters.

In the first case, you will see only on type of polygons at a time (unless you request the layer more than once); in the second case you will see all three types of polygon coloured differently at the same time.

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