I'm trying to add some layers created during a process to a project.

There seems nothing to be added (TOC empty) but when I close QGIS It says:

This project includes one or more layers as temporary draft. This layers are not saved at the disc and...

Or something like that ( just my own translation)

I defined the layer as:

vl_layerPG = QgsVectorLayer("Polygon", "vl_layerPG", "memory")

Filled with some data and then:

QgsProject.instance().addMapLayer(vl_layerPG, True)

But this is not added to the TOC, almost visible.

Edited 2019/09/16

I tried without "True" first as shown at the pyQGIS cookbook, but It was the same result.

def processAlgorithm(self, parameters, context, feedback):
        dxf_file = self.parameterAsString(parameters,self.INPUT_FILE,context)

        current = 0       

        driverIn = ogr.GetDriverByName('DXF')
        dataSource = driverIn.Open(dxf_file, 0)
        dataSource.ExecuteSQL("SELECT * FROM entities WHERE Layer = 'PG-LP'")
        layerIn = dataSource.GetLayer()        
        n_records = layerIn.GetFeatureCount()    
        inFeature = layerIn.GetNextFeature()

        geometryPoly = ogr.BuildPolygonFromEdges(ogr.ForceToMultiLineString(inFeature.GetGeometryRef()), dfTolerance = 10)
        geometryPolyWkt = geometryPoly.ExportToWkt()

        ml = QgsVectorLayer("Polygon", "PG_layer", "memory")
        pr = ml.dataProvider()

        attrib = []
        feat = QgsFeature()



        return {self.MEM_OUTPUT:ml}
  • Can you share more detail from your code? – pnz Sep 12 '19 at 18:32
  • Maybe try without 'True': QgsProject.instance().addMapLayer(vl_layerPG) – pnz Sep 12 '19 at 18:32
  • @pnz I edited the question adding the code. I'm a little stuck on that, because if I tried the command QgsProject.instance().addMapLayer(ml) at the python terminal It works as expected. – Javier G Sep 20 '19 at 9:27

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