I am curious about what kind of copyright does geospatial data that can be downloaded from the internet have.

For example, if I want to use data like OSM data, satellite imagery data etc to make products that I can eventually sell, would it be illegal?

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    Each dataset has its own copyright terms, even the ones protected by Beerware license. OSM has Open Data Commons Open Database License. Note that "illegal" and "actionable" are different things. You really ought to be asking your lawyer this, since legal advice on the Internet is not worth what you pay for it. – Vince Sep 13 at 18:35
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Data use and ownership depend on the publishing agency, the data, and the license level of those data. You can read about the specifics of OpenStreetMap data here, and JOSM data here. For USA data available from the National Map there are no restrictions. You will have to investigate deeper for other data.

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