What Boolean operator should I use to select a raster layer of land use and a raster layer of risk flood (medium and high risk together)?

the raster layer has 4 classes: water, urban, agriculture, forest the flood risk has 3 classes: low, medium, high

This is a theoretical problem I am struggling with trying to learn GIS.

I tried solving it by reclassifying medium and high risk class as 1, and all landuse classes as 1 too. Then using the raster calculator to SUM them, in order to see which classes are in medium+high risk, but the teacher said the answer is wrong, and he wants me to use a Boolean operator.

I can't think of any raster calculator operation to use a Boolean in my situation, although I think Boolean AND should be the command.

I use ArcGIS Pro, but this problem doesn't require physical solving and just theory.

  • I suspect the instructor is pushing you toward a Con solution. – Vince Sep 16 at 13:49

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