I have a mosaiced raster image that was created from several WorldView images and merged together in Global Mapper 20.1. The image is a 24-bit GeoTiff image. When I try to load the image into ArcMap 10.7, I receive a message in a pop-up window that says -

"Warning, inconsistent extent! One or more of the added layers has an extent that is not consistent with the associated spatial reference information. Re-projecting the data in such a layer may lead to unexpected behavior."

The image name is listed in the ArcMap Layer window, however it will not display in the map view. This is also a problem for images that worked on earlier versions of ArcMap (10.5). I suspect there is a bug or issue in ArcMap 10.7. Is there any way to verify where the problem is occurring?

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    This is a warning message linked to the coordinate system. What is the coordinate system associated with the image? Is it, in fact, a GeoTIFF? What is the coordinate system of your map canvas? – Vince Sep 16 at 18:09

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