How to automatically load all my attribute values into a layer after manually adding an attribute field? Or how to achieve the effect of PointConnector plugin in a more flexible that retains attributes?

I have a point table

City | Lat | Long

and a route table with an attribute

From | To | Journeys

After loading both files in QGIS, I use the PointConnector plugin to generate lines connecting the cities, however the resulting layer lacks the Journeys Source Field (which I would use to determine a graduated line color in the Symbology pane).

I can add the Source Field manually, and enter each and every Journeys value in the Attribute Table of the layer. This becomes a challenge when I have 1000s of data points.

Can you advise a viable solution?

I suppose the PointConnector plugin doesn't support importing attributes. How can I automatically load all my Journeys attribute values after manually adding the attribute field?

How can I achieve the same effect offered by PointConnector (joining two points with a line) in another more flexible way that can make use of attributes in the import tables?

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    What exactly does the PointConnector plugin do? Why don't you use tools already available in QGIS?
    – Erik
    Sep 17, 2019 at 9:51

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By creating a new field "Fromto" (or any name) in your route table and in your resulting layer. This new field will contain both 'From' and 'To' (example: From: "Paris", to:"Moscow" --> Fromto: 'ParisMoscow').

You will then be able to add a Vector Join in your resulting layer and connect it to route table on their attributes "Fromto". the resulting layer will take each matching connection and add the route table fields to its table.

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