When using the Identify tool, you can see the NoData pixel values surrounding the clipped raster. These pixels should have no value.I'm trying to clip a DEM raster using a rectangular polygon shapefile as the extent.

The Clip Raster tool will add/write a NoData border surrounding the output raster. The NoData pixels are displayed as transparent within ArcGIS. When exported as a TIFF for further analysis outside of ArcGIS, there is a black border present.

Does the Clip Raster tool always add a NoData border to any raster output?

I've also tried masking.

  • Thanks for the quick reply. I've added a screenshot, hopefully this helps. – Brady Neiles Sep 18 at 14:44
  • How big is the border, is it suspiciously 1 pixel wide? The tool should not create a border unless the extent of the clipping layer is larger than the raster. Explore setting the Snap Raster Environment setting, Don't know what that is? Read the Help file. – Hornbydd Sep 18 at 15:37

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