I have a raster downloaded. Visualising it in QGIS.

I want to correctly project it so that its extent varies with longitudes from -180 to 180 instead of 0 to 360.

gdalinfo filename.nc outputs the following as the corner coordinates

Corner Coordinates:
Upper Left  (  -0.1250000,  90.1250000) 
Lower Left  (  -0.1250000, -90.1250000) 
Upper Right (     359.875,      90.125) 
Lower Right (     359.875,     -90.125) 
Center      ( 179.8750000,   0.0000000)

I am looking for a gdal command or python function to perform this task of rotating the image such that longitudes vary from -180 to 180.

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Instead of reprojecting the whole data you may try to set the correct projection for your raster. Similar questions:

How to reproject raster from 0 360 to -180 180 with cutting 180 meridian

WKT for EPSG:4326 with LON 0 to +360 instead of -180 to +180

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