I am making relationship between three tables in QGIS 3.8 version ("ACTIVE SITE","FUEL_TANK","REFUEL"). The primary key and the foreign key for the Tables are as follow

  • the primary keys are "ACTIVE SITE"::'SITE_NAME', "FUEL_TANK"::'FUEL_TANK_ID', and "REFUEL"::'REFUEL_ID'
  • the foreign keys are "FUEL_TANK"::'SITE_NAME' and "REFUEL"::'FUEL_TANK_ID'

I made the relationships as seen in the following image

enter image description here

in another word, I've linked the the "ACTIVE SITE" Table and "FUEL_TANK" Table with the foreign key 'SITE_NAME'. And linked the the "FUEL_TANK" Table and "REFUEL" Table with the foreign key 'FUEL_TANK_ID'.

the problem is when I add a new record in "REFUEL" Table the 'FUEL_TANK_ID' takes the 'SITE_NAME' from "FUEL_TANK" Table not the 'FUEL_TANK_ID'

Am I doing something wrong??

And if I had a field in the "REFUEL" Table named 'SITE_NAME' could it be filled automatically from the 'SITE_NAME' field in the "FUEL_TANK" Table?? is there a way to do that??


I've changed the QGIS version from 3.8 to 3.4 and the relation between the tables worked perfectly. I assume that because version 3.8 is not stable yet!!

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