I am trying to use Opentripplaner to create a multi-modal router planner.

I followed the instruction on: http://docs.opentripplanner.org/en/latest/Basic-Tutorial/

1.I downloaded otp-1.4.0-shaded.jar from: https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/org/opentripplanner/otp/1.4.0/

2.I downloaded GTFS data for 18 September 2019 from https://transitfeeds.com/p/helsinki-regional-transport/735

3.I downloaded OpenStreetMap from https://www.hsl.fi/en/opendata

However, I received this error "No transit times available. The date may be past or too far in the future or there may not be transit service for your trip at the time you chose. (Error 406)"

I have read the solution for same problem from this link OpenTripPlanner (Error: 406) No transit times available, however eventhough my data is updated, still I received the same problem.

Do you know is there any other reason behind this "error 406"?

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