I have two shapefiles, one that contains data from our Corporate GIS system and another that I want to import into a software model.

I want to select a subset of the Corporate GIS data (for instance all reservoirs in a given area) and create a new SHP for use in a model. I want to utilise only a subset of the attributes and rename them to match the schema for the model. I am happy to recreate the model SHP every time.

At present, I export it into Excel, and manually manipulate the data. However, I would like to ultimately do this step in a Process Model in QGIS so I can automate it. Is this possible to do? I tried joins but to no success.

For example, I would use an expression to Filter the Corporate SHP to the records I want. Then translate the fields and selection into a new SHP

  • Corporate SHP (AssetID) -> Skip
  • Corporate SHP (Name) - > Model SHP (ID)
  • Corporate SHP (Value) -> Skip
  • Corporate SHP (Level) -> Model SHP (RL)
  • Corporate SHP (Easting) -> Model SHP (X)
  • Coprorate SHP (Northing) -> Model SHP (Y)

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If I understood your question correctly, you want to select some fields, rename them and export the data to a new file. This task can be performed using this QGIS tools:

  1. Refactor fields
  2. Extract selected features
  3. Drop field(s)

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