I have a LAS dataset that includes powerlines. The dataset is unclassified, but I have access to a feature class that includes the powerlines as lines.

Is there a tool or method in ArcGIS Pro that lets me classify the points as powerlines and still lets me keep the other points?

I have access to 3D analyst.

  • Do you have ArcGIS Desktop available to you if the Pro doesn't have ? – PROBERT Sep 20 '19 at 13:03

Try the Set LAS Class Codes Using Features tool. Filter the LiDAR points for non-ground or even first return. The tool will intersect your LiDAR points with your 2D power line feature class. Barring that you could also use the Classification tab->Reassign Classification tool to interactively change the class codes. https://pro.arcgis.com/en/pro-app/help/data/las-dataset/edit-las-file-classification-codes.htm

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