How to I navigate to the ~/client/stemapp/themes to start creating custom themes, widgets and controllers?

I have been following the protocol (numbered list below) that highlights on their site along with a youtube video, but I have yet to figure out how to enable the environment that will allow me to start editing source code and customizing as shown in the snippet below.

  1. Go to ~/client/stemapp/themes, where the DemoTheme folder is located.
  2. Make a copy of the DemoTheme folder in the same directory, and rename it NewTheme.
  3. Update the following properties in the manifest.json file: Name:NewTheme

         -Note: This value must be the same as the name of the theme folder.
         -Label: New Theme
    1. Update the localization files in the nls folder as needed. Make sure the _themeLabel property in the strings.js file has been updated to the name of the new theme.

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Need an ArcGIS Online API Developer License

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