I have a sentinel 2 L1C data and I am trying to calculate the Land Surface Water Index (LSWI) using the NIR and SWIR bands. As the Sentinel 2 data is having 2 SWIR bands (B11 and B12), I am confused about which one to use for LSWI calculation


You want bands compatible with MODIS bands B02 (841-875 nm) and B06 (1628-1652 nm).

Check out the Sentinel-2 specification SENTINEL-2 Radiometric Resolutions to find:

  • Band 08A: Narrow Near InfraRed (848 ~ 880 nm)
  • Band 11: SWIR (1540 ~ 1685 nm)

So the band combination becomes (B08A - B11) / (B08A + B11).

Band 12 range (2070 ~ 2340 nm) is far off for your requirement.

  • Will it give me wrong results if i use Band 8 instead of Band 8A ? – Gopalakrishnan B Sep 21 at 9:02
  • @GopalakrishnanB I cannot say using Band 8A & 11 combination is correct, as LSWI was meant for MODIS data. But I certainly not recommend to use Band 8. Not only its broader band range, you will struggle with its spatial resolution (10m) is different from SWIR Band11 (20m). – Kazuhito Sep 21 at 9:07
  • OK. A final question. What is the ideal range value for LSWI ? I couldn't arrive at a conclusion from the literature's I have come across. – Gopalakrishnan B Sep 21 at 11:38
  • LSWI is an empirical index, so try not to use it alone as definitive criteria. If it is hard to find ground truth, then using LSWI together with other index like NDVI may help. – Kazuhito Sep 21 at 11:50

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