I am trying to write a function that calculates the GPS (decimal) coordinates of a point that is far of a given distance from a given point. Let say that we start from point 1 (The stripe of Dublin) and we want to move 25km east.

This is what I have written:

import math 
# Coordinates of "The Spire" (Dublin)
bearing=90 #degree from North
distance=25000 # distance in meter
alpha = math.radians(bearing)
radius=6371000 # radius of Earth (in meter)
gamma = distance / radius
lat1_r= math.radians(lat1_dg)
lon1_r= math.radians(lon1_dg)
Δlat_r = gamma * math.cos(alpha)
lat2_r = lat1_r + Δlat_r
Δlon_r = gamma * math.sin(alpha)/math.cos(lat1_r)
lon2_r = lon1_r + Δlon_r

This outputs the following, which is close to the correct answer

53.349720000000005 -5.883634969206713

but if I calculate the distance between point 1 and point 2 with this tool, I get 25.008 meters...why?


Check your units in the Andrew Hedges Haversine tool - it gives me 25.008 km ! (or 15.543 miles)

(also by just looking at your coords, you can see it should be 10s of km and not metres - a degree is usually somewhere in the 50-100km range - this is a very rough approximation but gives you a clue)

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