I have an Portal web map:

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The map has a work order layer that is integrated from a Workorder Management System (WMS). Each work order record in the layer has a work order username value (example: JDOE).

I would like to configure the map so that it:

  1. Grabs the SSO username that it used to authenticate the web map
  2. Filters the work orders based on the username

Is it possible do this--to filter the layer based on the SSO username?


You will need to build an attribute expression in the Filter widget:

enter image description here


The custom code below will replace *USERNAME* with the currently logged in user's username.

You will need to alter two of the functions in Filter/Widget.js.

These lines in PostCreate() will get the current Portal username:

this.portal = portalUtils.getPortal(this.appConfig.portalUrl);
this.username = this.portal.user.username;

This 'if' statement in _getExpr() will replace *USERNAME* in the filter expression with the username.

if(expr.indexOf('*USERNAME*') !== -1)
  expr = expr.replace('*USERNAME*',this.username);

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