Currently I am adding a basemap from stamen.com to my plots as it is explained here: http://geopandas.org/gallery/plotting_basemap_background.html .

Is it also possible to load a WMS from another source as basemap?

I'm interested in this one: http://sgx.geodatenzentrum.de/wms_topplus_open

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    See scitools.org.uk/cartopy/docs/v0.15/examples/wms.html for a way not using geopandas – nmtoken Sep 24 at 11:00
  • At a time there has been the basemap-extension for matplotlib: matplotlib.org/basemap/users/installing.html, but I think development has stalled and evolved into cartopy. I installed a local instance of a mapproxy and configured it to cache the topplusopen for me. The next step should be using mapprox-util to export the tiles in the right size and folder structure, and then put it on your own server. mapproxy.org/docs/nightly/… Though, it's lot of downloading and calculating. I hope there is a better way...need this too! – Janne Jakob Fleischer Sep 26 at 13:49
  • have you tried it with the link posted by nmtoken? looks good to me but i han´t had time trying it yet – Leo Sep 27 at 14:08

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