I am currently using QGIS 3.6.1 and have just discovered the magic of the Atlas functionalities. Unfortunately now that almost everything is automated I need to find an automated way for QGIS to know when X and Y coordinates inside the frame are overlapping and remove those affected labels. Example of overlapping grid labels:

Overlapping X and Y coordinates

I need to have the grid ticks and labels inside the frame because otherwise I would have to decrease the size of the map canvas to an extent where it just looks really ugly and a lot of usefull space is now filled with coordinate labels. When having the X coordinates displayed horizontally they tend to go outside/overlap the frame which also doesn't look good. Also, even with both labels in horizontal position there can be overlap.

How do I get these overlapping labels to automatically be invisible without having to manually move the map content which doesn't work permanently while the map content is controlled by the Atlas?

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