I am using macOS Mojave and Homebrew with latest update. I have tried to install gdal 3.0.1 and filegdb plugins via homebrew-osgeo4mac tap as below:

brew tap osgeo/osgeo4mac
brew install osgeo-gdal
brew install osgeo-gdal-filegdb

After complete, I could not find FileGDB on the listed format after checking via ogrinfo —formats only OpenFileGDB on the list with read-only support

How to enable write support for FileGDB in macOS? I have follow various solution that already answered in this forum with no success.

For comparison, I installed GDAL+FileGDB plugin from gisinternals repo in Windows 10, and FileGDB on the list with write support.

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I think I solved my own problem. So its because gdal and filegdb has different version (v3.0.1 vs v2.4.1) and not symlink correctly to /usr/local/lib/gdalplugins/3.0

What I did, change line 4 in osgeo-gdal-filegdb.rb with latest gdal 3.0.1 link from osgeo-gdal.rb in line 23 Then do brew upgrade osgeo-gdal-filegdb

rw enabled for filegdb

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