I try to convert QGIS coordinates to Google Maps coordinates.

I use this form:

geom_to_wkt( transform( $geometry, 'EPSG:25832', 'EPSG:4326' ) )

I getting the coordinate like this:

 Point (12.30982365 55.73210873)

If I copy this coordinates into Google Maps I'm ending up in the middle of the Indian Ocean, so I need to get them turned around so it simple to copy/paste to Google Maps.

Point (55.73210873 12.30982365)
  • Welcome to GIS.SE. Some more information about your data (csv, shape, kml?) and the goal you want to achieve by pasting them into Maps would be useful. – Erik Sep 27 '19 at 8:50
  • @Erik it's shape file and only points. I use Qgis2Web to export a map to our technicans in the field. We also have extern people who helps us, so I need the coordinates so they can copy/paste them to Google Maps. – Nicklas Sigvaldason Sep 27 '19 at 9:19

I think what you are looking for could be achieved with the following expression in the Field calculator. Just create a corresponding text field beforehand.

y(transform($geometry,'EPSG:25832','EPSG:4326')) || ', '|| x(transform($geometry,'EPSG:25832','EPSG:4326'))

Additionally, you may be interested in alternative solutions:

  1. QGIS 2: a plugin Swap XY
  2. QGIS 3: a native geoalgorithm "Swap x/y coordinate values".

If you want to wrap the coordinates-set in WKT as the point then use this expression:

                       x(transform($geometry,'EPSG:25832','EPSG:4326' ))))


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