On the QField documentation page I saw this

Configure search in QGIS -Choose the layers which are searchable in Project > Project Properties‣> Identify Layers -Define the display expression for the concerned layers, this will be used for searching for features. This is configured under Vector Layer Properties‣> Display page

where do I find the "Identify Layers" and Vector Layer Properties options? Is it on QGIS Desktop or QField? Because on QGIS (I'm using version 3.4) there's no Identify Layer option.

PS: when exporting my QGIS project for QField (1.1.0) the search and measure tools are available, is this a fix or can it be customized?

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The selection which layers should be searchable is done in the project properties

enter image description here

The selection what should be searchable in the layer (attribute selection) is done in the layer properties. Only layers which have "Searchable" checked will be searched.

enter image description here

The measure tool is always available


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