I have a large polygon dataset in PostGIS I would like to display in Leaflet map. I understand st_asmvt() query will return mapbox vector tiles. I can successfully query the data in postgis but I dont know how to display the results as vector tile layer in leaflet.

Research has lead me to think I should use the leafletvectorgrid plugin. Which allows me to display pbf data. How do I construct this url to render the results of my query?

\\my best guess for a local pbf tile url
var pbfTileUrl = "https://localhost/tiles/{z}/{x}/{y}.vector.pbf?";
var pbfTileLayer = L.vectorGrid.protobuf(pbfTileUrl);

The query below returns bytea result.

SELECT ST_AsMVT(q, 'small_areas', 4096, 'geom')
  SELECT ogc_fid, edname, small_area,
      --xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax, srid
      --_northEast: o.LatLng {lat: 51.900647154116314, lng: -8.291244506835938}
      --_southWest: o.LatLng {lat: 51.89217277879109, lng: -8.625640869140625}`
      ST_MakeEnvelope(-8.625640,51.892172,-8.291244,51.900647, 4326 )
    ) AS geom
  FROM small_areas
  WHERE wkb_geometry && ST_MakeEnvelope(-8.625640,51.892172,-8.291244,51.900647, 4326 )
  AND ST_Intersects(wkb_geometry, ST_MakeEnvelope(-8.625640,51.892172,-8.291244,51.900647, 4326 ))
) AS q;

How do I pass these results to leaflet?

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