How is it possible to import and view a polygon layer (I have it in a shapefile) on a map inside MIT App Inventor? Maybe with LoadFromURL method, but in this case which file I should paste associated with the URL?

Usuful resources I found are:

I don't know much about GeoJSON or JavaScript API, so: now that I have a map in the app, how should I proceed?

App screen with map and polygons created manually

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Finally I exported the shp in GeoJSON, I took polylines' coordinates inside notepad and saved them in another txt file; then I imported in matlab the rows where I fliped all long/lat point coordinates and save in another txt file, so I could copy and paste a linestring such as:

[[44.26260443366192, 7.665320437787832],[44.262391856609895, 7.664849184556104],...]

inside the polygone.PointsFromString.

map with desired polylines

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