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I have a DEM(.tiff) file and I need to know the altitude of certain points(coordinates).

I opened it like this:

import tifffile as tiff
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import rasterio

tfile = tiff.imread('ms.tif')

Then I've got this image:

enter image description here

I just need some function to get altitude to my points, not the full code.

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That's a easy task with rasterio. For each band the data is accessible as a kind of array.


import rasterio

# Which band are you interested. 
# 1 if there is only one band
band_of_interest = 1

# Row and Columns of the raster you want to know
# the value
row_of_interest = 30
column_of_interest = 50

# open the raster and close it automatically
# See https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1369526
with rasterio.open('example.tif') as dataset:
    band = dataset.read(band_of_interest)
    value_of_interest = band(row_of_interest, column_of_interest)
  • The row and column of interest is going to be the lat/long? – Felipe Andrioli Oct 9 at 18:47

I think you need to create a points dataset from the coordinates then use the Extract Values To Points tool, if using ArcGIS Desktop or ArcPro.

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