I'm aware this question has been asked several times already: Convert .tif with .tfw to a GeoTiff? tif tfw to GeoTiff

However, my aim is a bit different here: I have a few hundred TIFF files that have formerly been GeoTIFFs. I batch edited all of them in Photoshop so they lost their GeoTIFF header.

I'm still having the respective TFW file for each of them. Is there a way to re-attach the information from the TFW file to the TIFFs to create GeoTIFFs WITHOUT having to re-write all the GeoTIFFs again? (like GDAL does with gdal_translate -of GTiff input.tif ouput.tif).

I'm pretty sure I've seen a tool a few years ago that can simple re-attach the headers from the TFW files to Tiffs to create GeoTIFFs of them, I simply can't find it anymore.

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    There is a "geotifcp" program but it is making a new copy of the tiff as well. With gdal_edit.py gdal.org/programs/gdal_edit.html you can edit tiff in place but you must calculate the lower left corner coordinates for the option -a_ullr ulx uly lrx lry. All information can be found from the .tfw.
    – user30184
    Oct 3, 2019 at 11:14
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    Search on GeoTiff Examiner. Here's a link: freegeographytools.com/2007/…
    – John
    Oct 3, 2019 at 12:26

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If you have Avenza's Geographic Imager you can script exporting georeferencing from Photoshop right into the TIFFs w/o re-writing them. In fact, you wouldn't actually have to re-export them to begin with, because they all the geospatial information would be autoamtically maintained when the files are saved in Photoshop. I believe this functionality is supported even the basic version, for GeoTIFFs


If it's possible, you can use QGIS. In raster menu you will find Projection, under it feature Assign Projection. You can use batch processing and process all your tiff at once.

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