I found out that Sentinel data is of 10m x 10m resolution whereas LANDSAT data is of 30m x 30m resolution. Did anyone come across research in which Sentinel data is used for making LULC maps or is applied for some other purposes?


Sure, there are many projects on going using Sentinel-2 as input for land cover maps production

A few examples:

Inglada, J.; Vincent, A.; Arias, M.; Tardy, B.; Morin, D.; Rodes, I. Operational High Resolution Land Cover Map Production at the Country Scale Using Satellite Image Time Series. Remote Sens. 2017, 9, 95.

Patrick Griffiths, Claas Nendel, Patrick Hostert, Intra-annual reflectance composites from Sentinel-2 and Landsat for national-scale crop and land cover mapping,Remote Sensing of Environment, Volume 220, 2019,Pages 135-151, ISSN 0034-4257, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.rse.2018.10.031.

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