I am using code from the emapr lab to learn to use LandTrendr to get mean NDVI values per year for a geometry. I am trying to export the generated list from earth engine to Drive. The list only contains Year, Original NDVI and Fitted NDVI values. The error I am getting is- "Unknown element type provided: object. Expected: ee.Image, ee.ImageCollection, ee.FeatureCollection or ee.Element." How can I convert a list in order to export it to drive as a csv?

A link to the code I am using.

The end bit of my code:

var yearSummary = getSummary(yearBandStack, aoi, summaryScale).toArray();
var rawSummary = getSummary(rawBandStack, aoi, summaryScale).toArray();
var fitSummary = getSummary(fitBandStack, aoi, summaryScale).toArray();
var chartArray = ee.Array.cat([yearSummary, rawSummary, fitSummary], 1).getInfo();
chartArray = [['Year', 'Original', 'Fitted']].concat(chartArray);


  collection: chartArray,
  folder: 'Test_Folder',
  fileFormat: 'CSV'

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In no way the best solution to this as it will require some formatting of the csv after download. But it was the quickest I could do without having to spend way too much time re-writing all your code.

When you want to export to a csv, what you export is the properties of a feature collection.

So I made a null geometry feature collection containing your arrays and then exported that.

var featureCollection = ee.FeatureCollection(chartArray
                        return ee.Feature(null,{prop:element})}))


  collection: featureCollection,
  folder: 'Test_Folder',
  fileFormat: 'CSV'

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