I am computing a shortest path with A* algorithm of GeoTools:

AStarShortestPathFinder pf = new AStarShortestPathFinder(
                                     myGraph, nodeFrom, nodeTo, myAstarfun);
Path p = pf.getPath();

How could I then retrieve the cost of the computed path p ?

With DijkstraShortestPathFinder, this can be obtained easily with a pf.getCost(nodeTo) but no similar method seems available with A*. I did not find information in the documentation to do that.

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It appears that AStarNodes store the cost so far in their g field so something like:

cost = ((AStarNode) p.getLast()).getG();

should work or if you intend to use the whole path anyway you could do something like:

List<Edge> edges = p.getEdges();
double cost = 0;
for (Edge e : edges) {
  cost += myAstarfun.cost((AStarNode)e.getNodeA(),(AStarNode)e.getNodeB());

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