Qfield comes with a demonstration Beekeeping package installed. This package allows users to add new points and data that are updated online. Does anyone know of a tutorial that shows how this is done? I have a multi-user project for field data collection but I can only update the data offline using Qsync. In a multi-user environment this is time consuming and difficult and it would be much easier if I knew how to update data online.

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If you are referring to the demo offline_bees.qgs project that is already installed in QField, I'm not sure that the data is online, it looks like it is stored in a GPKG file.

But you can find here : https://github.com/opengisch/QField/tree/master/resources/demo_projects an other demo project called online_survey which is online (the data is displayed here: http://demo.qfield.org/websig/lizmap/www/index.php/view/map/) that uses a PostGIS connection:

enter image description here

Basically, if you want to work with online data, you have several options (see here the list of supported formats : https://qfield.org/docs/project-management/dataformat.html) but I would say that the most common would be a PostGIS connection or a WFS if you have a server that can return the data in this format.


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