In the print composer, I've only added an attribute table and different attribute columns.

As I have too many row to display in a single page, I would like to split the table between different pages in the composer. With QGIS 3 I'am able to add other page in the same composer, this step is fine. I've also copy-pasted the table between those different pages, but now I'am stuck.

How can I do that? There is the option to limit to a certain number of row the display, but I can't manage to tell the newt table to start after the last row of previous table.

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    If you look at the 'item properties' tab for the attribute table, go to the 'frames' section and click 'add frame' - the text automatically flows into the next frame, which can be on the next page of the composer if you want – DPSSpatial Oct 7 at 18:02
  • Thank you this is the exact answer I needed ! – Arthur Oct 8 at 9:37
  • Good stuff - I use this quite a bit, and even used it to build a non-spatial list of our schools for a 'quick reference guide' - twitter.com/dpsspatial/status/1151953855766122497 the function is similar to 'text frames' in Scribus / InDesign – DPSSpatial Oct 8 at 17:41

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