I'm trying to prepare image overlay layer in mapbox gl with city plan as background. It works perfect in Firefox but in Chrome I see only dark grey polygon. I use 4Mb .png file.

Firefox Desktop - ok

Firefox Mobile- not ok

Chrome Deskotop -not ok

Firefox Mobile -not ok enter image description here

                "id": "overlay",
                "source": {
                    "type": "image",
                    "url": "7.png",
                    "coordinates": [
                        [30.0112567, 51.4361221],
                        [30.187844, 51.4361221],
                        [30.187844, 51.3696605],
                        [30.0112567, 51.3696605]
                "type": "raster",
                "paint": {
                    "raster-opacity": 0.85


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