I have the longitude and latitude of hospitals in Australia and I want to make a density plot (Symbology - graduated colours) to visualise the distribution of hospitals by a statistical area (defined by Australian Bureau of Stats).

I've downloaded the shapefile from Aus Bureau of Stats.

The hospital data looks like this and I import it as XY event data:

Hospital name,Street address,Suburb,Postcode,State,Local Hospital Network (LHN),Primary Health Network area (PHN),Website,Description,Sector,Beds,Latitude,Longitude
Abbotsford Private Hospital,61 Cambridge Street,West Leederville,6007,WA,,,www.abbotsfordhospital.com.au,,Private,<50,-31.940992,115.837344
Adelaide Clinic,33 Park Terrace,Gilberton,5081,SA,,,www.adelaideclinic.com.au/,,Private,50-99,-34.90658,138.613167

I can get the hospitals overlayed on the map but I cant work out how to get it to colour the statistical area based on the number of hospitals in this area.

green dots are hospitals and black lines are statistical areas

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