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Tried editing it but it wont allow to save the edit.

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In a table there are no row numbers as in a spreadsheet.

However, there is a field that unequivocally identifies each feature by assigning a number, to meet performance and integrity (data and referential) requirements. That field is usually called fid. Nothing ensures, if it is not specified in the query to the table, the order that the rows of a table should take when they are shown.

In the Qgis table editor, that kind of spreedsheet row numbers are shown only for convenience, perhaps to keep a visible account of the features.


Got it. I just added a new column and removed the fid column via right-clicking the column header > Organize Columns > Unclick fid

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    That simply hides the column, it does not delete it. Oct 13, 2019 at 23:48

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