I have download SNAP today but I'm facing few problems with upload the image. I have download image from Copernicus Open Acess Hub but whenever I download it I can't open it properly. those are the filles that were downloaded- enter image description here

in measruemnet there are two images -vv and vh, as I download, but as two different images. When I open one of it in SNAP, I get one image with one band that looks like this-

enter image description here

whenever I try to run any process on the image I get this error message- enter image description here

how can I solve this and upload image to the SNAP?

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    Please do not bother unzipping the downloaded zip file. SNAP File > Open Product can open the zip file as-is and then recognizes all associated information such as tie points. – Kazuhito Oct 13 at 23:04
  • sometimes unzipping can help to reduce the computing time to open a new image. If opening the zip file takes too long, it can be unzipped, but instead of opening the GeoTiff, the manifest.safe has to be selected under File > Open – AndyB Oct 14 at 4:30

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