I am already having a multi polygon layer of plantations in QGIS 3.8. Now I want to see popup images of the plantations when the mouse rolls over or clicks the polygon shapefile.

I have until now taken the following steps:

  1. created a new attribute field - "image" for the file path.

  2. set Widget type - "Attachment"

    • Storage Mode - "File path"

    • Integrated Document Viewer - Type - "Image", Width- "Auto"/ Height - "Auto"

enter image description here

I had entered the exact file path also, but when I click the polygon using the "Actions" feature or simply click the "Show Image" link in Attributes table, I am getting an error message as below.

enter image description here

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    Welcome to GIS.SE! You probably mixed up three different things. 1. Attributes form - how feature form behave and looks like in attribute table and identify tool - you set this 2. Actions - defined actions, can be applied on features by clicking in map canvas, buttons in attribute table etc. - you try to run this. 3. Display/Map tips - mouse hover behaviour - you mention this. What kind of behaviour you want to achieve? – Oto Kaláb Oct 14 '19 at 12:46

The Action that worked for me in case of images stored with relative path : Type (if Windows) = "open"

[% @project_folder %]/[% "Photo_field" %]

For full path, you may need to start it with file:///.

For Display/Map tips (HTML pop-up), I think this is what you're looking for, follow this thread : Getting image pop ups in QGIS?

In my case, I have several pictures (N, W, S, E) per feature. I have created different actions for each of them but it would be more convenient if I could display all of them at once, side by side, with Display/ Map tips, so my question may be close to yours. Is it possible ? Also, where is this "Show image" link in Attributes table ? Thank you.

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