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I have SAGA plugin activated in my QGIS 3.8 on a Ubuntu 18 LTS machine. However, it does not show up in my Processing Toolbox.

Could anyone help me solve this?

  • Can you try start QGIS with new profile? Sometimes it's help. – GSienko Oct 14 at 21:46
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    Because you also need to install SAGA. – xunilk Oct 14 at 23:58
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    As @xunilk says - check that saga is installed, check that QGIS is looking for the executables in the right place. You might need symbolic links or to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH – vinh Oct 15 at 13:58

Check that saga is installed, in a command prompt try:

saga_cmd -V

Otherwise install using:

sudo apt install saga libsaga libsaga-api-2.3.1 libsaga-dev python-saga saga-common

If it is installed, you need to check that QGIS can find the executables. The log in QGIS should show what commands have failed.

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