I am working as volunteer on a simple map for an NGO, I have some point layers with rule-based symbology. When I load these layers in qgis2web the symbology disappears, both in Leaflet and OpenLayers. I think I have the same problem posted by Sophia R. and solved (Can qgis2web display rule-based layer style?).

The matter is that I'm new in QGIS and I don't know how to "preselect your layer with "X" = 'a' and export this selection as a new layer" as suggested by Riccardo.

How can I do this?


qgis2web supports rule-based symbology. However, it only supports a very limited number of expressions. Your rules probably contain expression functions not supported by qgis2web.

If you can post an exported QML style as a new issue at https://github.com/tomchadwin/qgis2web/issues, someone can investigate whether qgis2web can be enhanced to support the currently unsupported function(s).

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