I have set up a basic QGIS project combining various WMS services and want to publish it to my company's intranet for everyone to use but I am a relative beginner at GIS and all the guides I have found are far too jargony or for previous versions so don't seem to apply.

I have tried the QGIS2Web plugin which was easy to use but didn't give me the popups, and the Lizmap plugin which I thought would be the answer but the user guide skims over uploading so having set it all up I can't work out how to get it from a QGIS file to something that is viewable on the web (presumably html?). By doing some Google searches I found a guide that suggested I needed Lizmap Web Client so I downloaded that but that was talking about putting it in Apache2 (whatever that is) rather than it just being something you install which confused me.

Can anyone direct me to a more beginners guide for creating a webmap on either of these platform? Specifically, is it possible to get QGIS2Web to show popups or is that just not going to happen? Or how do I get my Lizmap QGIS files on to my FTP in a format that is visible online?

Alternatively does anyone have any suggestions for a different approach to take?

Apologies if this seems a bit generic but I am a complete beginner so can't really be more specific than this!

I am using QGIS 3.8.2-Zanzibar, QGIS2Web 3.7.0, and Lizmap 3.1.3.

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    Welcome to GIS.SE. What purpose should the webmap serve? Are people capable of using QGIS themselves? Does your intranet cover several sites of your company, or is there only one site (as in: how's the connection to your server for everyone) ? – Erik Oct 16 '19 at 8:26
  • Welcome to GIS SE! We're a little different from other sites; this isn't a discussion forum but a Q&A site. Your questions should as much as possible describe not just what you want to do, but precisely what you have tried and where you are stuck trying that. Please check out our short tour which emphasizes that there should be only one question asked per question. – PolyGeo Oct 16 '19 at 9:28
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    A focused question that you could turn this one into is describing in detail what you tried and where you got stuck with one of the two plugins that you have tried. – PolyGeo Oct 16 '19 at 9:30
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    Some more detail on the problem with popups in qgis2web would be helpful. Specifically, are you choosing Leaflet or OpenLayers for your export, and which layer type's popups are not working - do we assume WMS from your question? If so, you need to check the option Enable GetFeatureInfo. If you are still having problems, you should probably raise an issue at github.com/tomchadwin/qgis2web/issues, where there are instructions on how to supply the info needed to solve a problem. – Tom Chadwin Oct 16 '19 at 10:25
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    @TomChadwin - Weirdly, only some of the datasets have the 'Enable GetFeatureInfo' checkbox and these datasets won't even show on the map through QGIS2Web, and the others will show on the map but don't have that checkbox despite seemingly being the same kind of dataset. But this gives me a good starting point to play around with so I'll be in touch on GitHub when I have worked out what the difference between the datasets is and a better idea of what the issue is. Thanks. – Sue D'Nymm Oct 18 '19 at 9:24