I need a list of all values of a certain field in a QGIS dataset. To get this, I am using

  for festure in layer.getFeatures():

This is kind of working, but I have two issues with it, they may have the same solution:

  1. I want the data sorted by id, it seems to me that some of the points are not coming in the correct order.
  2. It seems rather slow. I have a dataset with a few thousand records and it uses several seconds to go through it.

(the base dataset is a PostGIS table if that matters)

So I have these questions:

  1. Is there any way to sort the data returned by getFeatures()?
  2. Is there any way to speed up getFeatures() or
  3. Should/could I use any other way of getting all values from a field?

Based on the article Fran Raga linked to (nyalldawson.net/2016/10/speeding-up-your-pyqgis-scripts ), I did the following:


for festure in iter:

This made the features come sorted in the order I wanted them. According to the article, this should also speed it up, but I did not notice any difference (I did not do any formal tests for speed)

Then I rewrote the featurerequest to only return the field I needed:

request =  QgsFeatureRequest().addOrderBy('Id').setFlags(QgsFeatureRequest.NoGeometry).setSubsetOfAttributes(['id'], layer.fields() )

This speeded it up significantly, that is, from having to wait for a long time to get the results as quickly as I was able to handle it.

I do believe that the most important thing here is the NoGeometry flag, but again, I have not tested that either. The lastest iteration gives me what I need as soon as I need it.

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