I am using shapely to snap points to a line. This is the piece of code I use

import geopandas as gpd
gdf_segments = gpd.read_file("line.shp")
shply_line = gdf_segments.geometry.unary_union
point  = gpd.read_file('points.shp')
result = point.copy()
result['geometry'] = result.apply(lambda row: shply_line.interpolate(shply_line.project( row.geometry)), axis=1)

How do I get the RID and MEAS values? These values are obtained on running the Locate Features along route linear referencing tool in ArcGIS Desktop.

I would like to achieve the above without arcpy or ArcGIS or FME. I want to code it entirely with python using gdal/ogr/shapely/fiona anything.

Code above referenced from: Snap points shapefile to line shapefile using shapely


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If you are looking for an open source solution you could consider this QGIS plugin LRS? If you look at the help page is appears to offer a UI and scripting solution.

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