I am trying to visualize some Sentinel 1 strip maps from Tristan da Cunha in GEE (which I know exist based on scihub) - but my code doesnt return them. Any suggestions?

<  // Filter the collection - VV only depending on geometry and date
var s1 = ee.ImageCollection('COPERNICUS/S1_GRD')
    .filter(ee.Filter.listContains('transmitterReceiverPolarisation', 'VV'))
    .filter(ee.Filter.eq('instrumentMode', 'SM'))

//visualisation parameters!  
 var viz = {
 bands: ['VV'],
  min: -40.0,
  max: -10,

// display each image in collection
function addImage(s1) { 
  var id = s1.id;
  var scene = ee.Image(s1.id);
  Map.addLayer(scene, viz, id);

// use map on client-side
s1.evaluate(function(s1) {  

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