I would like to import an image overlay in KML format made in Google Earth App to Google Earth Engine, and display it. Below attached the link of KML file:

KML file

enter image description here

I have imported also the KML to Fusion Table, and then get the id as follows: 1KpWHxXMbjF0mRUHbrxacqXK30B_en7kF7dVUP8KK

The code script that I made in the Google Earth Engine to display the image overlay KML file is as follows:

// Import KML
var basins = ee.FeatureCollection('ft:1KpWHxXMbjF0mRUHbrxacqXK30B_en7kF7dVUP8KK');

When I run the code, the KML didn't appear. I guess my code script was incorrect, what should I do to correct the code?

  • The image in the KML has a relative URL in the href <href>peta_cekungan_sedimen_indonesia.jpg</href> You'll need the full URL to show the image elsewhere
    – nmtoken
    Nov 14, 2019 at 16:31

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It looks like your KML has not been converted to fusion table properly. There are no rows/features. Fusion tables are getting shut down after December 3rd anyways so it might be a better idea to go a different route. One way is to conver the KML to SHP and then upload that directly to GEE.

Edit: Sorry it seems I completely missed the image part. But yea, since you want to import an image from KML to GEE then you need to convert that to a geotif and upload that to GEE as fusion table supports KML with distinct shapes/geometries. source

  • There are no rows/features in the KML, it's an image.
    – nmtoken
    Nov 14, 2019 at 16:29
  • Fusion tables are supposed to import vector data with rows and features that has a well defined geometry source. If you want to import images from KML to GEE then one way is to export them as a geotif and import that file as asset in GEE Nov 15, 2019 at 5:40

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