I am trying to open an .asc file inside a .tgz.tar archive with Python and osgeo.gdal.

Here is the link to the official description that this is possible by using /vsitar/

#source file name
src_filename = "/evapo_p_downloads/grids_germany_daily_evapo_p_200901.tgz/grids_germany_daily_evapo_p_200901.tar/grids_germany_daily_evapo_p_20090101.asc"

driver = gdal.GetDriverByName('AAIGrid')

#open file with gdal
src_ds = gdal.Open("/vsitar/" + src_filename)



gives me a None. I try several other descriptions for path like /vsitar//path or /vsitar/path with and without "" but nothing seems to be work. What am I doing wrong here?

I Found this solution for opening successfully a tarball

src_filename = "/vsitar/{grids_germany_daily_evapo_p_200901.tgz}/grids_germany_daily_evapo_p_20090101.asc"
src_ds = gdal.Open(src_filename)

<osgeo.gdal.Dataset; proxy of <Swig Object of type 'GDALDatasetShadow *' at 0x000001BEEBEDBEA0> >

So it didn't work when I enter the full path like /path/to.tgz/my.tar/file instead I have to remove the .tar path maybe because gdal knows that in a tarball (.tgz.tar) there is only one .tar file allowed.

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